Why Maven End of Lease Management is Different

Maven’s objective within your end of lease management processes and off-lease/repossession asset remarketing operations is to significantly affect your bottom line while enhancing your ability to be a competitive leader within the construction and agriculture equipment lease/finance marketplace. Nearly every aspect of your business today is under continual review in order to meet internal cost, vendor expense, income increase and opportunity, risk avoidance and speed to market challenges. Driven by MADX, our purpose-built asset management software, Maven Management provides a comprehensive lease management solution that maximizes your ROI at every step.

What makes us different?

  • We have focused on the back-end of your lease portfolio as the opportunity to impact your ROI. We have recognized opportunities to not only control the costs of the inherently inefficient processes, but implementation of our brand new model will effectively increase your asset ROI.
  • We are construction and agriculture equipment specialists. We do not work with copiers, medical or fitness equipment, airplanes, or trucks. We thoroughly know the construction equipment and agricultural equipment marketplace and how to maximize this portion of your portfolio.
  • We don’t accept that we should continue doing something a certain way because “that is the way we have always done it.” As career professionals within the construction and agriculture equipment industry, the first thing we did when creating the better mousetrap was to step outside the box.
  • Maven Management’s unprecedented model combines operational concepts, strategies, and approaches to the tasks and goals from the dealership, manufacturer, and financial arenas. Our knowledge and experience within each of these was a cornerstone when developing Maven.
  • We operate as an agent for you. At every step throughout the process – whether it is efficiently communicating or coordinating with the lessee, having the unit inspected by an impartial 3rd party inspector, representing you during wear & tear charge-backs questions, ensuring only necessary repairs are made and validating your invoices, and marketing your asset within a system that maximizes the opportunity for a fair market sales price. Our only expectation is to continually exceed yours.
  • You can promote the fact that you support the dealer specific distribution channels. By remarketing your off-lease and repossessed assets through Maven Equipment, the OEM specific dealers will have a reserved opportunity to purchase the assets before competing branded dealers and other wholesalers.
  • Our proprietary software system (MADX) manages every detail of each asset and is used to drive nearly all communication and notifications. We have built our system from the ground up to ensure that doing business with us could not be any more simple, effective, and productive.
  • We are unlike anything else available in the marketplace today. We are not a few degrees of separation for other remarketing companies or service providers. You will never get a presentation from us where we will claim to do the same as you are already having done……”only better” or “cheaper.” Our presentation will describe our services, why we are different, and how we do it. Our focus and goals are exactly where yours are. On your bottom line profitability.
  • We are The REINVENTION of Asset Management. Contact us today to see how we can impact your company’s profitability.
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