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Asset Management Software


Our purpose-built interface, communication, and asset management software platform.

MADX was developed from the ground up to our specifications and needs. It must not only do everything WE wanted in a simple and logical manner – we needed it to do everything YOU need it to do–in a simple and logical manner. When creating Maven Management and Maven Equipment, we knew the tool had to provide a comprehensive solution that provides an easy and accurate management tool with a clear communication interface.

  • Allows Maven Management and the leasing/financial institutions to easily track and manage a large volume of asset.
  • Access real time data and progress – showing details of each asset’s workflow status.
  • Automatic “News Ping” notification when an asset moves from one phase to another.
  • Automatic “Needs Attention Ping” notification when input is needed from leasing company to Maven. An example of this would be the approval of the fair market wholesale value or “for sale price.”
  • Collection of aggregate and company specific data over time.
  • Run reports from a predetermined or customized attribute list and save for future use on your dashboard. Attributes examples: Awaiting lessee intent, appraisal stage, awaiting approval from leasing company, # of days in For Sale status.
  • Cumulative sales showing how Maven performed in relation to FMWV and/or your book value is a metric we encourage financing companies to track as a barometer of our success.
  • User specific and customizable dashboards depending on need or use of lease and remarketing details.

Our number one goal when creating our MADX was to bring a tool to market that increases your company’s business process automation and efficiencies. All pertinent asset details will be easily imported into MADX at work order creation. Depending on your volume, the data exchange can be merged with a simple flat file or larger volumes can have a customer-unique interface designed between our system and yours.

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